Microsoft Tech Community Blog

The Microsoft Tech Education Blog is an amazing addition to the Microsoft Education Blog. This is more designed for and pointed towards those who are a little advanced with the blended learning style and classroom.

Microsoft Education Blog

The Microsoft Education Blog is such a great tool for administrators and educators around the world. It allows us to collaborate ideas, stories, and tools that move each and everyone of us.

Microsoft Accessibility Tools

Here is a quick visual reference of all the Microsoft Accessibility Tools that are available and coming out. This tool will allow you to see what Microsoft Apps will use which Accessibility Tool. Click on the link below to see a more description and capabilities.

Mystery Skype for Classroom

Mystery Skype is an amazing tool that Microsoft has provided educators. It allows your students to take a virtual field trip to anywhere across the world. What students don’t know, is that they are actually getting an educational lesson while completing a Mystery Skype session. Students will take turns asking questions to the other class in order to guess geographical location.

Windows Blog

Did you know that Windows had its very own blog? It’s not much of a Educator tool or training site, but it is definitely resourceful if you wanted to stay in the “know” when it comes to new Windows products, software, research and development. In todays technological world, we are constantly trying to stay up to date with the latest and greatest, especially if it boosts productivity. Whether you are a Microsoft Guru, or a windows beginner, definitely follow this blog to stay up to date.


Nearpod Lessons

Nearpod is such a fun tool to use in the classroom. Students don’t even recognize they are being assessed because the types of assessments given come in various types of activities, such as: draw it, 3D objects, polls, PHET simulations, VR Field trips, etc. If you have never used Nearpod, sign up for a free account today.

cartoon characters of technology devices holding hands, picture says "lets nearpod!"

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