Did you know that Windows had its very own blog? It’s not much of a Educator tool or training site, but it is definitely resourceful if you wanted to stay in the “know” when it comes to new Windows products, software, research and development. In todays technological world, we are constantly trying to stay up to date with the latest and greatest, especially if it boosts productivity. Whether you are a Microsoft Guru, or a windows beginner, definitely follow this blog to stay up to date.


Here are a few of my favorite articles that might benefit those who are afraid of updating their computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10. (Do it already, its 2018 people!)

WINDOWS 10 TIP: Naming Tile Folders

WINDOWS 10 TIP: Swift Key

WINDOWS 10 TIP: Get Mobile with Microsoft Edge

WINDOWS 10 TIP: How to use nearby sharing

by Athima Chansanchai/ Writer, Window Blog


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