picture of the world and a question mark with the skype logo.

Mystery Skype

Mystery Skype is an amazing tool that Microsoft has provided educators. It allows your students to take a virtual field trip to anywhere across the world. What students don’t know, is that they are actually getting an educational lesson while completing a Mystery Skype session. Students will take turns asking questions to the other class in order to guess geographical location.

Personal experience with Mystery Skype

I had a fourth grade class volunteer their time and students. It was such a great experience for our students because it took them to a place they may never get to visit. We spoke to two boys who were in high school, their use for Mystery Skype was to practice the English language. They were from Argentina. This experience provided us with a geographical and historical lesson, as we learned about Argentina, their culture, and its history.

Picture of the world with skype locations on continents we have visited, and how many miles we have traveled through skype.

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